Five New Armored-Plated Vehicles for Top Officials

08 September, 2011 by Patrick Ellis - Mexico NewsMatamoros News | Tamaulipas News
Armor-plated SUV for use by the mayor
Armor-plated SUV for use by the mayor
State provides secure vehicles for mayor

(Matamoros, 7 September) Mayor Víctor Alfonso Sánchez Garza now has five armor-plated vehicles, provided by the Tamaulipas State Government. Two of them were acquired with his own resources and one more was purchased during the previous administration. “Personally,” he said, “I have two vehicles, one purchased through my company last year, which is the one I now use. It was delivered just this year, as it was ordered from the production line. The other I purchased at the beginning of this year.”

Two of the vehicles are in official use, one for him, and one for the armed escort. His wife also occupies two, using the same system. The fifth is driven by Colonel Gabriel López Ordaz, the municipality’s Secretary of Public Safety. The mayor said that he believed it important that the head of public safety should have an escort for his greater protection, and so one more armor-plated vehicle would be useful for the city.

“We have not requested it,” he said, “but if [the state] were to provide us with one, we would be covered.”

The mayor was interviewed right after the executive secretary of the Federal Public Safety System, Matías Ochoa Delgado, had declared that 22 armor-reinforced vehicles would be sent to an equal number of mayors in the state.
The vehicles are being provided to leaders in the municipalities most affected by organized crime violence, and Matamoros qualifies under almost any criterion.


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