PRI Head Answers Allegations of “Narcopolitics”

12 September, 2011 by David Real - Mexico NewsMorelia News | Michoacan News
Says PAN and PRD accusations are a smear campaign

(Morelia, Michoacán 12 September) Humberto Moreira Valdez, the national president of the Partido Revolucionario Nacional (PRI), has responded to allegations from competing political parties that PRI candidates have commitments or involvement with organized drug gangs in Michoacán. The political opponents refer to them as “narco-candidates.”

Moreira has demanded that the PAN and PRD present evidence of their claims, suggesting that the allegations are baseless, and just a means of conducting dirty-trick politics in the months before a national election.

During his visit to Morelia for the inauguration of Michoacán’s new PRI party leader, Antonio Guzmán Castañeda, Moreira also accompanied Fausto Vallejo Figueroa, the PRI candidate for governor, in making the rounds of “pre-campaign” meetings. (Rallies are still illegal as a technical matter, until the official beginning of the campaigns.) He exhorted his political opponents to come up with tangible proof of their allegations. He added that all PRI candidates have submitted their certificates of a clean criminal record to the election authorities, as the law requires. He said that he had no evidence that the opposing parties have done likewise for their contenders. The PRI president expressed the wish that the political campaigns in Michoacán do not sink to the level of a “dirty war.”


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