Morelia´s Historic Center Closes on Wednesday for National Celebration

12 September, 2011 by Patrick Ellis - Mexico NewsMorelia News | Michoacan News
Morelia's historic center
Morelia's historic center
Traffic to be re-routed for Independence Day festivities

(Morelia, Michoacán, 12 September) From Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm on, traffic police in the historic center of Morelia will clear the streets of vehicles and commence the preparations for the National Celebration of September 15.

The Director of Public Transit, Lic. Trotsky Hernández Rodríguez, announced the operation, will clear Madero Ave. between Quintana Roo St. and Doctor Miguel Silva. Vehicles will not be allowed to enter, and only 8 pedestrian access points will be open, largely to help guarantee security during the festivities. The measures taken are the same as in previous years, according to Trotsky Hernández. This year, however, security will be tighter. Mover 170 traffic police will be on hand for the celebrations of September 15 and 16. The director recommended that people going to the historic district for the activities planned for the national holiday avoid carrying back packs, suit cases, sharp objects or objects made of glass, as well as alcoholic beverages. Random searches for security reasons can be expected, to avoid any sort of tragedy or terrorism.


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