Judiciary Suspends Judge over Casino Case

21 September, 2011 by David Real - Mexico NewsSaltillo News | Coahuila News
Legality of casino operations placed in doubt

(Saltillo, Coahuila, 21 September) Federal judge Luis Armando Jerezano Teviño and court clerk Gerardo Tiscareño were relieved of their functions by the federal judiciary for “possible irregular conduct” in the resolution of cases relating to casino operations in the northern part of Mexico. The purpose was to permit an inquiry into separate cases that appear to have inappropriately benefited the operation of gaming establishments.

The judge was assigned to the Tenth Judicial Region, based in Saltillo, in the northern part of Coahuila. The clerk was assigned to the fourth panel of the Laguna district, also in Coahuila. In 2008, Judge Teviño granted a protective order to “Vallarta Attractions and Emotions,” a company that installed several gaming establishments in the north. This company was owned by Casino Royale of Monterrey, where 52 died in flames from a drug gang attack against the property. The incident has created suspicions that casinos in Mexico often operate illegally, essentially surviving by bribing law enforcement and judicial officials.

According to the Federal Judicial Council (CJF), these two cases are related to the suspension of Ricardo Hiram Barbosa Alanís, of the third panel in the Nuevo Leon district. He was suspended in May of this year for “illegal self-enrichment.”

After the attack on the Casino Royale in Monterrey, Mayor Fernando Larrazabal criticized certain judicial decisions related to the gambling establishments, suggesting that certain judges were being induced not to apply the law correctly. President Calderon also raised questions about certain judges who had released alleged criminals under irregular circumstances, raising the suspicion of judicial corruption.


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