Zamora’s Poll Worker Draft Has Historic Success

04 October, 2011 by Staff - Mexico NewsZamora News | Michoacan News
For November 13 election, all selected poll workers have been trained

(Zamora, Michoacán, 2 October) It is an historic record: 97% of the 1,512 citizens selected at random to help out at the polls on November 13, the next election day, have been contacted by the Electoral Institute of Michoacán. In addition, most of those contacted have reported for training and have received the necessary orientation. The requirement for poll workers has been overfilled: 144% of the basic requirement has been recruited and trained. Speaking in Zamora, the president of the Michoacán Electoral Institute, María de los Ángeles Llanderal Zaragoa, said that the public response was extremely satisfying. “The people are prepared to participate in the process,” she said. “This reflects very positively on the good work by all of you, trainers and election supervisors alike.”

Training sessions began in Morelia last September 26 and 27, and then moving to other parts of the state, concluding with a tenth session in Hidalgo on October 5. The trainers have been in the field since August 8; the second round of training sessions will start on October 10 and continue up to the eve of the election.

Successful poll worker recruitment may reflect the local economy somewhat, in that workers receive a small stipend for their efforts; in hard times, a greater number are willing to provide the public service because other sources of income have dried up. The main impediment to recruiting poll workers is the fear of violence and the lack of security, but the authorities have taken extra measures to reassure workers that the polling places will be heavily patrolled and protected.


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