Hacker Group Anonymous Declares War on Zetas

03 November, 2011 - Mexico NewsVeracruz News | State of Veracruz News
Anonymous - Guy Fawkes
Anonymous Declares War on Zetas

In an unusual turn of events, members of the global hacker group Anonymous have given Mexico’s powerful Zetas drug cartel an ultimatum – release their kidnapped member or else. Starting on November 5th the group will start exposing information about Zeta members and collaborators.

Presumably this means the names, addresses, emails, text messages, phone calls, bank accounts, and any other such information that is stored or transmitted electronically – a notion that is surely keeping many government officials up a night.

November 5th is a significant day for Anonymous. It commemorates the day in 1605 that English rebel Guy Fawkes was captured during an attempt to assassinate King James I and overthrow the Protestant Church of English by blowing up the House of Lords during a gathering there of the nation’s political elite.

The recent action dubbed "OpCartel" by Anonymous came in the form of a YouTube video in which a Spanish-speaking Anonymous member with a Castilian accent clad in the customary Guy Fawkes mask warned the cartel. (You can view an English language version below - if it doesn't appear, please reload the page).

The video is a response to the kidnapping of an Anonymous member during a Veracruz protest march in August by the Zeta cartel.

News organizations around the world today are reporting that concerned Anonymous members have called off the operation for security reasons.

However, since the group Anonymous has no leadership, no members list, no hierarchy, and anyone can join, it’s unclear how it can be called off. Far-flung, self-identified members can attack independently, at will, and remain anonymous.

Members of the secret hacker society have urged their Mexican counterparts to take precautions, to not identify themselves as Anonymous members, and above all else to discontinue using telltale Guy Fawkes masks. Presumably, some of the group’s most skilled members will handle the situation from afar.

The stakes are high in this modern day Mexican standoff.

The Zetas are capable of capturing and killing virtually anyone within the Mexican territory at will and often with few consequences. However, by exposing information about the Zetas and their collaborators, Anonymous can effectively do the same by subjecting Zeta members and their associates to arrest or even death - while Anonymous does not engage in violence, sworn Zeta enemies such as the mighty Sinaloa cartel do so with relish having recently dumped the bodies of 35 Zetas on one of Veracruz's main thoroughfares during broad daylight.

If the conflict between these two disparate groups escalates, there is sure to be collateral damage on both sides as innocent people are exposed as members or collaborators of one group or the other during the confusion of this very modern melee.


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