Coco Bongo

Boulevard Kukulcan Km. 9.5, 30, Plaza Forum by the Sea, Quintana Roo

Is hands down the no-contest winner for THE HOT SPOT nightclub for dancing the night away in Cancun. Go there once and if you consider yourself a party person, you will make this THE place you go to get your groove on. A tiered bowl shaped arena with a hanging stage, flying acrobats, on-bar conga lines, live bands, video screens that drop from the ceiling to play classic hits, bubble / foam parties, streamers, balloons, and a crazy dressed like "The Mask" dude pouring tequila down any throat within his reach are just a few reasons to see this place for yourself. Go, Go, CoCo Bongo!

01 998 883 5061
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Spanish version of this page: Coco Bongo


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