Tijuana: The First Mexican City to Have Own “Monopoly”

31 August, 2011 by Patrick Ellis - Mexico NewsTijuana News | Baja California News
Popular board game to promote the attractions of the city

(Tijuana, 31 August) Tijuana will be the first Mexican city to have its own adaptation of the popular board game Monopoly. Sales will begin in the last week of November, just in time for Christmas. The game will be called “Tijuanopoly” and will feature the main points of interest of the city, and the four streets or avenues most representative of Tijuana. The Milton Bradley Company has already released “city” versions of the board game for New York, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Paris, Madrid, Valencia and Granada.

The purpose of the release is to spread a more positive image of Tijuana in a way that will bring a family together for hours of fun in game play. Tijuanopoly will follow all the rules of the traditional Monopoly game, and the names of streets and properties will be adapted according to public suggestions, made via Facebook, starting August 30. Some of the cards and names can be purchased by companies for promotional purposes at prices between US$2,000 and US$15,000. The expected life of the game is 15 years and the estimated retail price is $350 pesos. The first edition will be of 5,000 units. A portion of sales proceeds will be donated to DIF (Department of Family Services). More than 100 people signed up to be “friends” of the game on Facebook during its first day on the web.


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