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Aguascalientes Mexico

Aguascalientes was founded in 1575 and became a town in 1661. It rests at 6,190 feet (1,888 meters) and is located between Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

While Aguascalientes is one of the smallest states in Mexico, Aguascalientes city (the capital) still has a quiet provincial atmosphere which makes it a very comfortable place to live. You will find the people here very friendly and relaxed . . . they call themselves "Hidrocalidos" (warm), and someone will often say hello to you just share the smile of a good day (something which has long been lost in large cities).

Aguascalientes has prospered in recent years due to manufacturing plants and its central location near major Mexican cities. However, the age of the city means that you will still find beautiful Spanish colonial architecture which is hundreds of years old in the historic center.

Some central historico sites worthy of note are :

  • El Palacio de Gobierno (Town Hall)
  • La Catedral (the oldest church in the city, 1575).
  • San Marcos Garden and San Marcos Church (almost everything in the city is called San Marcos) are two of the main attractions in Aguascalientes and definitely a must see in order to feel that familiar Mexican province atmosphere.
  • And don't miss the many museums around the city.

The town was named Aguascalientes for the number of hot springs in the area. One of the most modern and popular hot spring baths is the "Bath and Sport Center Ojocaliente". The facility includes an Olympic sized swimming pool along with several other smaller and private pools where people can relax in waters that range from 96 to 104 F (36 to 40 C). You can find it at Km. 1 on the San Luis Potosi Highway.

Are you the kind of traveler willing to try anything once? Well then, you have to try the delicious Pozole de Lengua that is basically a broth made of chile, corn and cow tongue.

Feria de San Marcos :

St. Mark's Fair is actually the number one tourist attraction in Aguascalientes. It takes place in mid April (exact dates changes yearly) but always includes April 25th (St. Mark's Day) and lasts for three to four weeks.

Most of the year, Aguascalientes is a peaceful town . . . but during this fiesta, the carnival spirit arrives with fun activities (all of them including lots of party and alcohol). Nightlife is so great during Feria de San Marcos, the whole city becomes one big bar and party place.

If you plan on coming for this event, be sure to book a hotel early. The Feria de San Marcos is the largest fair in Mexico and over a million people are expected to visit during this period.

Some of the attractions of this festival include :

  • A Casino!
  • Bull Fights
  • Cock Fights
  • Concerts
  • Rodeos
  • A Traditional Costume Contest
  • The World Famous Cervantine Festival
  • And Industrial / Agricultural Exhibits

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