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Below this paragraph, you will find an example of an info/text ad. These ads are only available on pages which fit the page content and can be presented as information or a site recommendation rather than just a blatant ad. Most of the businesses which qualify for one of these listings will be tour operators, transportation, restaurants, or attractions. . . and will be placed on the appropriate page.

Info/Text Example :
Another great local tour operator is Mazatlan Tours. They specialize in Cruise Ship passengers and hotel guests (even those on the outskirts of town) and their tours include City, Pacifico Brewery, Beach Activities, Shopping, Jungle Canopy (Zip Line) and Private tours. If you want to see the sights near Mazatlan, they run tours to nearby cities and attractions too. See their site for a complete list of destinations.

The pricing for the above is 1 for $200, 2 for $350, 3 for $450.

There are a limited mumber of home page spaces available. These will cost $500 per year per ad.

To the right, you see a 300x300 graphical ad by Delphinus. This type of ad is always in the same place, below a photo representing the location, yet next to the text that anyone reading the page will see plainly. In this case, Delphinus made up the graphic and sent it to me. . . while we will make up a quick graphic ad for you free, many advertisers prefer to pay for someone to spend the time to make a nice display like this one. These ads can be placed on any page you choose (as long as someone else has not purchased the spot).

The pricing for the above is 1 for $300, 2 for $500.

PAYMENTS : Preferred payment method is Paypal. We also accept credit card and have bank accounts in the U.S. and Mexico.


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