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Mexico Family Vacations

Mexico Family Vacations

For the people hoping to find a suitable place to bring children on vacation with them, you will find that Mexico is a very family oriented country. So you will find hotels and businesses very accommodating wherever you go.

So now, you need to pick a vacation destination.

Tip 1 :

Everyone loves the beach . . . kids included. The beach destination list which I suggest would include Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Some of the other cities like Acapulco are fine if they just want to look at the water, but the waves hit the shore pretty hard there.

Tip 2 :

Kids love exploring ruins. However, age is a factor. If they are 3 or under, you may end up carrying them. You can bring a stroller (just in case) but remember that if you plan on doing any pyramids (or steps within the grounds), that won't help much. . . speaking of pyramids, you will want to be sure that ANY climbing means that they will hold fast to a guide rope or your hand. Safety first!

Tip 3 :

Kids are kids no matter where you go . . . and they will enjoy the same things on vacation that they enjoy back home. That means TV, swimming pools, amusement parks and McDonalds. You may want to spend all day exploring, but don't expect the energy kids usually have to translate into miniature Indiana Jones types. The fact is that the heat and humidity of the climate can quickly take its toll on children and they dehydrate much faster than adults . . . so plan on plenty of stops for them to rest and rehydrate.

Tip 4 :

Write down your name, hotel (including address) and room number and stick the paper in their pocket. God forbid they should become separated from you or get lost, but if the worst should happen, that little piece of paper will help more than you could imagine. You are in a foreign country and being lost is scary enough without knowing where you live or how to reach your parents.


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