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Mexico Ecotourism

Mexico Ecotourism

More and more citified urban dwellers who come to Mexico for vacation are exploring the Mexico eco tourism opportunities. The sad fact of life in countries with high population levels is that there is no pristine wilderness left to see in its original state. Mexico, however, is a country booming with eco tourism opportunities.

Whether you are looking for small Indian villages surrounded by nature or to experience what a real jungle is like, Mexico is the place to go. In fact, it is amazing to find that the entire region from Guatemala through the Yucatan used to be so heavily inhabited that it would be difficult to travel more than a few kilometers without hitting another village or city. Yet over the past two thousand years, the jungle in the Yucatan has reclaimed so much of the area that only around 1% of the ruins have yet been identified or excavated. So if you are looking for the possibility of finding long forgotten cities, the Yucatan is ripe with training opportunities for future archaeologists.

While naming off every eco-adventure tour in Mexico is nearly impossible, it is safe to say that there will be someone selling eco-tours in most parts of Mexico. All you really need to do is pick your main destination (on this site or elsewhere) and you will find Cenote trips, jungle tours, places like Copper Canyon and a host of out of the way, off the beaten path secrets known only to the local tour guides. So, at the risk of being a little crude . . . don't be too anal about planning this part of your trip. If you feel better about planning something offered by a big eco-tourism company in Mexico, then make your reservations . . . but if not . . . simply plan the time and talk to the local tour guides in your primary destination and seek out those places that don't have a thousand people visiting every day. I'm a firm believer in planning . . . but some things are better done on location than on the Internet.

When you go :

  • Be conscious of the environment. If you bring it in, pack it out.
  • Be prepared for the environment. Bring Mosquito repellant if going into the jungle, a hat and sun screen to shield you from the sun, a CamelBak type pack for water, appropriate footwear, light breathable clothing, a camera and an attitude :)
  • Last but not least . . . bring a tip for your guide. Most of them are paid by a company which pays them very little, so a tip is always appreciated.

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