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Acapulco Mexico

Acapulco Mexico

Acapulco began as a fishing village with a natural harbor largely isolated by the surrounding jungle. The natural harbor soon made Acapulco an important port city. In the 1950's and 1960's, Acapulco was popular with the rich and famous. It was the crown jewel of Mexican beach resort destinations. In the 1970's and 1980's Acapulco was the destination for Americans traveling to Mexico in search of its famed nightlife. Now, Acapulco is still hanging in there as Mexico's number two beach destination, but its proximity to Mexico City (4 to 6 hours) has made it more popular among affluent Mexicans than with Americans.

The city itself is divided into three distinct sections. The first is the oldest and most famous. western section. Here you will find the Cliff Divers of La Quebrada, the boats that will take you from Playa Caletilla to Isla de la Roqueta, the old commercial wharfs, Fort San Diego, the Zocalo with its Russian Orthodox looking cathedral and quaint shops. The next section is the bay between Playa Hornow and the Naval Base. This is where you will find the landmark hotels and nightclubs which line the bay. Last, but certainly not least is the new construction which has been going on over the past few years just south-east of the bay. It is the area near the Camino Real Acapulco DIamante and Casa Yal' ma Ka'an. In truth it is so removed from Acapulco bay that one may be correct in questioning if it is really still part of Acapulco. Officially, the answer is yes :)

The age of Acapulco and the fact that some of its properties have been there for so long has driven prices down a bit. This means an increase in moderate to low price properties which not only boosts the number of foreign tourists, but the number of tourists coming from the Federal District (df).

So . . . would I recommend that you go to Acapulco? Is it really the place you will have the best vacation? Well, those are very subjective questions. Let's just say that if you think you would like Miami, you would like Acapulco. Endless beaches lined with resorts, great food, shopping malls and discos that light up the night. If that's your scene then Acapulco (or Cancun) is probably what you are looking for.

We do have a map of Acapulco that you can print and take with you on this site . . . but remember that the main street that follows the beach (Costera Miguel Aleman) is a street where numbers mean nothing at all. You could have the address 201 next door to 1352 and find 202 five kilometers down the road. When you ask where something is, be sure you get the name of the beach along that section.

Looking for more information? Real Acapulco is the best travel guide about Acapulco online.

Acapulco Real Estate & Villa Rentals :

For those travelers that fall in love with Acapulco and are looking to extend there stay....let's say...FOREVER, or for those that would like to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous, even if just for a week or two, you can check out the Acapulco villas to get an idea of prices. No place does luxury villas with spectacular views quite like Acapulco. There are some really great discounts availble right now and is the place to get them.

Acapulco attracts visitors from all over the world. It remains a popular travel destination among Americans, Canadians and Europeons. It is one of the best places in Mexico for expats to retire and is the #1 tourist destination for Mexicans... and Mexicans are pretty good judges of Mexico so that should tell you something about Acapulco!

Of course, you can always rent or even buy a beachfront condo at La Palapa, Acapulco's iconic landmark condo hotel situated right in the heart of Costa Azul on Icacos Beach.


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