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Acapulco Map

Acapulco Map

Click here for an Acapulco Map in Adobe PDF format (216K). This is ideal for printing out and sticking in your pocket while on vacation.

When you try to find your way around with this Acapulco Map, it should be noted that the street numbers on the main strip (Costera Miguel Aleman) don't mean a thing. 1202 could be on one side of Acapulco with 1203 on the other right next to 307. The best way to try to find where on Costera businesses or hotels are located is to find out what beach they are near.

Why do we use Adobe PDF format on this Acapulco Map? Because so many streets would appear completely un-readable when viewed as a single page at 72ppi (as with most computer monitors) - So we use a format that will print out at a much higher resolution than you would be able to see on your screen. (try zooming in on the PDF picture and you will see the difference).

If you are one of the few people on the planet who do not have the FREE Adobe Acrobat plug-in . . .



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