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Mexico City

Mexico City

If you are wondering why anyone would want to visit Mexico City . . . Here are the top 3 reasons.

1 : The greater Mexico City area has a population topping 20 million people . . . This makes Mexico City one of the greatest metropolises in the world. It's not just the size or population . . . Mexico City is truly one of the greatest cities in the world complete with anything you might expect to find in New York, Paris or Tokyo (but with a distinct Mexican flavor) and is a must see for that reason alone.

2 : Mexico City is the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the western hemisphere. The history here doesn't just begin when Mexico City was formed as a municipality by the Spaniards in 1524, but when the dry lake bed was originally settled by the Aztecs in 1325. Yet the visible history of the area goes back another 2000 years with the ruins of Teotihuacan.

3 : The entire history of Mexico is here for you to see before your eyes. Old Aztec ruins which were built over keep being unearthed in the heart of the city . . . Teotihuacan, just 30 miles north of Mexico City is a 2000 year old capital city that once rivaled the Roman empire, and the scale of the pyramids here are rivaled only by the great pyramid of Cheops in Egypt . . . And lest we forget, the National Anthropological Museum here has rooms divided by dates and civilization (Mayan, Aztec, Toltec, Olmec, etc.) and that is another MUST SEE which will take you a full day all by itself.

What I have listed above are the three main reasons to visit Mexico City . . . but not all Mexico City has to offer. For a larger list of what Mexico City has to see and do, see the Mexico City attractions page . . . yet even that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mexico City is so big, it is hard for a first time visitor making reservations online to know where these hotels are . . . So if you are new to Mexico City, let me suggest that you stay in either "Centro Historico or Zona Rosa". Both of these are popular with tourists and are near the heart of the city and the Zocalo. That being said, if you are debating between two hotels and don't know which one to choose, pick the one that has the closest subway (Metro) entrance.

We have a printable map of the Metro on the map page and highly suggest that you use it. The Metro is clean and safe . . . and for around 20 cents (USD) you can travel from one side of Mexico City to the other in less time than it would take a taxi to get you there. Also note that there is a subway entrance at the airport and bus terminals. -- First timers may be afraid to get lost, but if you do . . . police are easy to spot in the subway and just point to where you want to be on the map (it really is that easy).


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