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Mexico City Attractions

Mexico City Attractions

Since most long time visitors to Mexico City aren't going to be doing research about Mexico City attractions on the web . . . I'm going to assume that this is your first time going to Mexico City and you want to know what is on the recommended list of attractions.

So I'm going to start with what I think the greatest attraction is in Mexico City . . . or about 30 miles North of Mexico City, in this case. . .Teotihuacan. However, there is so much to say about it that we had to put it on another page by itself.

The next is similar to the first . . . but resides within Chapultepec Park. . . The National Anthropological Museum. This 100,000 square foot museum houses artifacts from all over mexico and is divided into civilizations (Aztec, Mayan, Olmec, etc.) and subdivided into time periods. The two words which describe the museum could be used to describe Teotihuacan . . . HUGE and IMPRESSIVE! Either one would keep you going for an entire day. To say that this is one place that is a MUST SEE is not saying enough. . . And there is an entrance to the Metro right outside the museum, so there is not reason that you can't get there easily.

Other notable attractions within the enormous Chapultepec park include . . .

  • Castillo de Chapultepec : Now a museum, this historic spot was once an Aztec palace, then a Spanish hermitage, a gun powder plant, a military college and home of the Emperor Maximilian and leaders of Mexico through 1940.
  • Museum of Modern Art and Rufino Tamayo Contemporary Art Museum.
  • Chapultepec Zoo : This zoo has been here since the 1500s and continues today as one of the best stocked zoos in the world with many endangered species on display. Great place to take the kids :)

The Zocalo : The historic center of Mexico City is a must see. . .

  • The National Palace . . . built on the grounds of Montezuma's home, the National Palace took its present form in 1693 with the addition of the third floor in the 1920's and is now the seat of the Mexican Government.
  • The Metropolitan Cathedral . . . Construction began in the late 1500's and continued off and on over the next 300 years.
  • The Templo Mayor . . . accidentally discovered while digging near the palace in 1978, remains of the Aztec city which the Spaniards built today's Mexico City on top of were found. (Also see the adjacent museum).

Xochimilco : 21 km South you will find the popular floating gardens of Xochimilco. Take a ride on a Trajinera and cruise the canals while enjoying the unique experience of this place.

What has been listed here so far are among the most popular Mexico City attractions . . . but far from a complete list. There are whole books about what to see and do in Mexico City and you could spend more than a year trying to see and do them all.

So, that should be enough to get the average visitor started, and if you plan on moving there . . . you can start working on the thousands of other things to see and do :)


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