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Los Cabos Transportation

FROM THE AIRPORT : Airport Code is SJD

Shuttle Busses : The cheapest way to get to San Jose del Cabo (8 miles away), the Corridor, or Cabo San Lucas (29 miles away) is by Shuttle Buss. You will find that since all traffic coming into the airport is heading to Los Cabos, that Shuttle Busses are constantly coming and going. Expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $15 USD per person depending on your destination. -- If you are going to one of the resorts in the Corridor, the bus will stop at your hotel.

Colectivo : You can purchase a ticket inside the airport for a colectivo. In this case, it may be a van that can carry up to 9 people (price is around $10 USD).

Private Van : If you have a group of 5 people, you can hire a private van for around $75 USD.

Taxi : If you take a taxi, you can expect to pay around $17 to San Jose (just 8 miles away). Cabo San Lucas will be considerably more.

Rental Car : The major car rental agencies have vehicles available at the airport. However, if you don't plan on doing a lot of golfing in the corridor, or exploring in the area . . . remember that most places in either town are walking distance and there are always busses that will take you down the corridor or from one cabo to the other.


Driving in Baja requires a very dependable car. You are going to travel 1,059 miles (1,708 Km) down marginally maintained roads that will take about 28 hours of driving. It is not a day trip and your car may be subject to desert heat on roads that you have to plan where to get gas in advance. That's right, long stretches of nothing.

So, if you still want to drive . . . here are a few things to remember.

Take a map and know where the gas stations are (and how far between each stop).

If you are driving an older car, check your fan belts, radiator hose, air pressure, spare tire, air filter, and fluid levels before leaving (and before returning!).

Bring a few gallons of water in the trunk in case you break down and have to wait for help.

Check the weather. Flash floods are known to cause rivers to rise up out of nowhere and cross low lying sections of road.

As always, be sure to have Mexican auto insurance before you leave. An accident would mean that you would be held in jail until fault could be assessed and damages paid. Insurance will prevent that little side trip.


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