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Playa del Carmen Attractions

Playa del Carmen Attractions

Playa del Carmen is an attraction in its own right. The town has become fameous for its international flavor. The cafe's and restaurants on 5th Avenue are an experience not to be missed.

Playa del Carmen Tours by Johann & Sandra features great prices on the most popular tours, activities and excursions in Playa del Carmen. If you book a tour with them, they'll also give you their Playa Fun Discount Card free, which offers great deals on restaurants and shopping at over 130 locations in Playa del Carmen. You can call them toll-free from the U.S. or Canada at 1 (866) 728-1438 and ask questions if you have any. Don't worry, they answer the phone only in English.

Live the sensation of the unique experience of swimming with dolphins. Our special program allows you to spend quality time with dolphins. You'll be able to soothingly caress them, to be real close to see them jump, play and have fun with you. Also live the highest point of this adventure with the Foot push activity, where you will be gliding thru water, as you are being pushed by a dolphin, so you can feel just like one of them. Swim with dolphins at Delphinus in a harmony, love and secure environment for you and the dolphins...the best option for the dolphin lovers. www.delphinusworld.com

Cancun : Cancun's resort zone is full of high end restaurants and shopping malls. The main attraction is, of course the white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters. You will be happy to know that you can find the same tours to nearby attractions are available in Playa del Carmen as well. Excursions to Chichen Itza and down the Yucatan coast toward Tulum may include additional ruins, cenotes, and shopping at artisans local markets.

Coba : This once-great city, now being extensively studied for the first time, is a jungle-bound site measuring nearly 80 sq. miles in size! The site thrived between 600-900 A.D. before being abandoned and swallowed by the ever-encroaching jungle. Much of the site is still unexcavated, giving visitors an erie, "Indiana Jones"-type feeling. It is surrounded by dense jungle and five fresh water lakes (some of the only lakes in the entire Yucatan region). Excavations have unearthed Nochuc Mul, a 138-foot tall pyramid (tallest in the Yucatan), a ninetiered castle, and a ball court. The site has more sacbe (wide limestone-paved ancient roads) than any site yet discovered.

Islands : Yes, there is the ferry to Cozumel, and you can also visit Isla Mujeres.

Xel-Ha : A natural aquarium where the ocean combines with the freshwater currents of the springs and underground rivers, forming an incredible and incomparable ecosystem with a number of small islands and a constant stream of bubbles which surge from the river floor. This stunning creation of nature is surrounded by a thick jungle, caves, cenotes and archaeological sites. Xel-Ha is now under the watchful care of the developers of Xcaret. Although completely natural, the site reminds one of the submarine ride at Disneyland - acres of beautiful lagoons, coves and inlets naturally carved into the area's soft limestone terrain. Large placid pools of crystal water (some of which are closed to swimming) are teaming with exotic fish. This is a snorkeler's paradise, inviting even the most timid swimmers. Most guests start with the River Float past mangroves and jungle-lined cliffs. Thanks to extensive renovations completed in late 1996, there are now excellent facilities throughout, including lockers, clean showers/ bathrooms, a few shops, 6 restaurants, and very friendly staff.

Xpu-Ha : (Shpooh-Hah) This beautiful stretch of white powdery sand is still relatively undeveloped. The Robinson Club Tulum Resort is located at the south end of the Bay and an ambitious eco-park opened in 1998. At each entrance there are palapa huts and restaurants run by members of the same family who will take you snorkeling, diving, or deep sea fishing. At the beachs' northern point are the Cenote Manatee, one of the largest in this region, and Xpu-Ha lagoon. Xpu-Ha Eco Park was designed to complement Xcaret as a day-use recreation area. Like Xcaret and the region's other new eco park at Tres Rios, Xpu-Ha mixes natural beauty, water sports, and ecology. Open daily from 9am-5pm. Tel. 98-842411


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