One of the biggest lures attracting people to Zipolite is the hassle-free option of swimming and sunbathing in the nude. Zipolite is Mexico's only clothing optional resort. At the height of the holiday season (July and August and during Christmas and Easter week) the beaches of Zipolite are visited with vacationers in all shades of dress and undress in coed nonchalance.

   The idea of taking advantage of the prerogative of receiving a well rounded tan is not ballyhooed but is a low-keyed expression of personal choice with the option of feeling almost alone in communion with the marvelous elements: sand, sea, and the unique flora and fauna of tropical Oaxaca.

   It was, of course, Gloria's Shambhala that came first and set the laid back tone which every hammock joint on the beach has tried to emulate. So when you come to Zipolite, just ask any of the locals which way to Shambhala -- they will only need to point you toward the buildings on the hillside at the western end of the beach. For more Zipolite information, see the AdvantageMexico Zipolite Guide.
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