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Tijuana Attractions

Tijuana Mexico

Tijuana is known for two main themes . . . shopping and nightlife. While we will list the "attractions" in or near Tijuana, we should not loose track of the shopping (there is a separate page for nightlife).

Shopping : Tijuana offers goods from all over Mexico for sale. However, like any other place, the best deals are found on the goods made locally. In this case, the best deals in Tijuana are on leather goods. If you need anything in leather from purses to pants or motorcycle jackets to back packs . . . the savings alone may pay for your trip. You will also find some unique gift items, wall hangings, furniture (and more than I could name here) all for less than you could buy it in the US.

The Tijuana bull fights are held every other Sunday between May and October in the El Toreo arena (sometimes held in the arena by the ocean). Tickets start at $12.00 USD for the cheap seats and go to over $40.00 USD for a view closer to the action. You can usually find information about dates and times from the Tijuana Tourist Office as you enter Tijuana or by calling the arena at: 86-15-10.

Blvd. Agua Caliente
between Ave Cuauhtemoc & Ave Diego Rivera

 Rosarito Mexico Rosarito Beach 
Rosarito Beach Rosarito is now a municipality with plenty of hotels, nice restaurants, and shopping near the beach. You can find plenty of things to do such as golfing, horseback rides, fishing, swimming, and working on your tan. The beach is about 20 minutes south of Tijuana. If you are planning to take the bus, click here for more information.
 Jai Alai Sports 

If you go anywhere near 7th on Revolucion Blvd., this is the one place you can't miss. Tijuana Jai Alai schedules can be found in the building with the sign that says "Jai Alai Games - Race & Sports Books" on the corner of 8th & Revolucion.

 Cultural Center Omnimax Theater 
Tijuana Omnimax Theater

See the Tijuana Map page for the location of Paseo de los Heroes. This is where you will find the Tijuana Cultural Center. The omnimax theater is the first (and most recognizable) thing you will see to identify the cultural center. Stop by the Museo de Los Californias to pick up a brochure with the current movies, dates, and times.
Paseo de Los Heroes y Mina s/n
Phone: 687-96-00

 Cultural Center Museo de Los Californias 
Tijuana Museum

You will find the entrance to the Tijuana Museum directly across from the entrance to the omnimax theater. Enter the door on the right side of the picture and go to the front desk to pay $2.20 USD admission. As you might be able to tell from the name of the Museum, you will find artifacts, wax figures of Indians, paintings, pictures, and scale models that collectively tell the history of the area.
Paseo de Los Heroes y Mina s/n
Phone: 687-96-00

 Tourist Office Tijuana Information 
Tijuana Attractions

If you want more detailed information about any of the Tijuana attractions listed here (as well as some which are not listed here) be sure to stop by the tourist office and pick up some brochures, maps, and other helpful information.

Revolucion & 1st

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