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Tulum Attractions

Tulum Attractions

Visitors to Tulum will find that there is more to Tulum attractions than the ruins . . . There's the beach too!

All kidding aside, Tulum is a sea side town and most of the attractions are found on or near the beach. From scuba diving and snorkeling to kite surfing, if it can be done in the water, you will find somebody doing it here.

Swimming with dolphins is a wonderful life experience, but trying it out in Delphinus Xel-Ha adds to this moment beautiful, natural and organic surroundings. Our special program allows you to spend quality time with dolphins inside this beautiful ecological park, near Tulum and Playa del Carmen. You'll be able caress the dolphins, to be real close to see them jump, play and have fun with you. Also live the highest point of this adventure with the Foot push activity, where you will be gliding thru water, as you are being pushed by a dolphin, so you can feel just like one of them. Swim with dolphins at Delphinus in a harmony, love and secure environment for you and the dolphins...the best option for the dolphin lovers. www.delphinusworld.com

Then there are the trips to nearby attractions which may include visiting a Cenote, the ruins at Coba or shopping in Playa del Carmen.

Shopping :

  • Luis' gift shop
    Located directly across from the Hotel Maya on Avenida Tulum. This is a small shop that doesn't yet have a name over the entrance, but the owner hand picks the items for his shop and what they do have is far nicer than the bigger shops in town. The best part is that while the bigger shops start by high balling you at twice the going rate for the item . . . Luis tells you what he really wants right up front, and the price he gives you is very reasonable. So if you want to shop for something like a Mayan mask (for example) . . . go by the bigger shops and just ask how much (note the detail and quality), then go to Luis' shop and you will find better quality items for less with no pricing games.

Water Sports :

 Kay Op Divers Beach side of Santa Fe Campgrounds 
Kay Op Divers

2007 Prices in USD : Reef Diving (1 tank $40, 2 tanks $60) ; Cenote Diving (1 tank $70, 2 tanks $120) ; PADI Discover Scuba Diving course is half day of theory and one dive with instructor ($70) ; PADI Open Water Diver Certification ($350 includes instruction book and dive log) ; Padi Advanced Open Water Diver Certification ($320 includes new PADI book) ; Snorkeling Tours (Reef $15, Cenote $40). Kay Op Divers speak English, Spanish, Italian and French. Riccardo (984) 801 8198, Sabrina (984) 876 4070.

email address : erboni63@tin.it

Ruins :

Nearby Towns :


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