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Cancun Nightlife

Cancun Nightlife

Nightlife in Cancun is improving quickly, putting Cancun ahead of its Mexican Riviera counterparts. While several splashy discos dominate the Cancun Nightlife scene, most resort hotels offer live lobby music, ranging from reggae to salsa, to solo guitar. Comedy and offtrack betting are now on the scene as well. It's said that Cancun has something for everyone, and this is especially true after dark. At night the tropical island switches into high gear and Cancun nightlife starts in earnest. Here are some of the more popular discos and clubs. Note that most discos collect a cover charge of $10-40 US per person.

Coco Bongo

Is hands down the no-contest winner for THE HOT SPOT nightclub for dancing the night away in Cancun. Go there once and if you consider yourself a party person, you will make this THE place you go to get your groove on. A tiered bowl shaped arena with a hanging stage, flying acrobats, on-bar conga lines, live bands, video screens that drop from the ceiling to play classic hits, bubble / foam parties, streamers, balloons, and a crazy dressed like "The Mask" dude pouring tequila down any throat within his reach are just a few reasons to see this place for yourself. Go, Go, CoCo Bongo! Located at Km 9.5.

Bulldog Cafe

A great laser light show with live music and an excellent view of the stage. This place is as hot as the bikini girls often seen partying in the shelf/pool . . . and these girls aren't just average hot, they will make the guys stand up and salute 8) . With a capacity for 2000 and private party rooms (the VIP lounge has a jacuzzi), this place will get your blood pumping to the rhythm of the music. The Bulldog Cafe has hosted shows by Guns n'Roses, AC/DC, Radio Head, Mana, Molotov, Naughty by Nature, Paulina Rubio and Shakira amongst many others. hot, Hot, HOT! - at the Krystal Hotel.

Carlos 'n' Charlies

If you have been to any of the Carlos 'n' Charlies in Mexico, you know what they are all about. If not, picture loud music, wet T shirt contests (among other party games :), and lots of drinking. Capacity of about 1000 (standing room only when packed). Phone: 883-0846 Located at Km 5.5.


One of Mexico’s most popular clubs, Dady'O is known for endless nights of dancing, great parties, famous DJ’s, three dimensional laser show, CO2 cooling effects, action packed shows and theme parties. Considered an international hot spot for people from all walks of life. Open from10 p.m.till…? 7 days a week.

Dady Rock Bar

This place has a slightly more mellowed flavor than some of its Cancun rivals . . . but does have live bands, DJ’s, MC’s, contests and prizes. The mellow flavor attracts the young moms and dads who still like to rock, but theme parties and great entertainment keep the slightly younger in the mix as well. Does your Daddy Rock? This is his place. Open from 6 p.m.till…? 7 days a week. Located in Party Central at Km 9.5.

Hard Rock Cafe

Crowded and popular, live rock music. A nice place to go for drinks . . . but not a hopping nightclub where everyone is trying to party like its 1999 (Prince song for the musically challenged). If you have been to a Hard Rock Cafe before, you know what to expect . . . if not, click the link to learn more. Plaza Lagunas Mall.

Pat O'Brian's

It is a bar with music . . . not a kickin' disco. So if you just want to hang somewhere with music and a well stocked bar . . . Flamingo Plaza.

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