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Cozumel Restaurants

Cozumel Restaurants

   Yes there are places to eat all over Cozumel Island. However, our focus will remain on the main tourist location of San Miguel. If you aren't sure what's available near your hotel, just ask the front desk. They will be happy to recommend a nearby restaurant serving what you want to eat :)

While a list of places to eat is all I can really give you without trying every restaurant in town . . . I do have a personal recommendation - Palmeras. Located just south of the main pier, Palmeras is always packed . . . and for a good reason. Good food, good prices, and great service (somewhat of a rarity in many parts of Mexico). So if you are arriving by cruise ship or ferry, and you want a good place to eat . . . just head south from the dock and you will see it on the left.

San Miguel Restaurants

  • Casa Denis : Caribbean & Yucatan dishes located at Av. 1 South #132
  • Costa Brava : Seafood . . . 57 Calle 7 between Melgar & 5 Sur.
  • French Quarter : Cajun food on the south side of the plaza San Miguel (Av. 5) on the second floor.
  • Garden of Eatin' : Mexican . . . On Salas between Melgar & 5 Sur.
  • Guido's : That's Italian . . . 23 Melgar between Calle 6 & 8
  • La Choza : Mexican . . . 198 Salas near Av. 10
  • Las Tortugas : Seafood . . . Av. 30 & Calle 19 Sur.
  • Pepe's Grill : Dinner only up-scale restaurant located on Melgar & Calle Adolfo Salas.

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