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Ensenada Map

Welcome to Advantage Mexico's Ensenada Map page with a map of Ensenada's tourist zone and a map of Northern Baja California.

The Ensenada map should be printed out and kept in your pocket. It is a good reference to help you find your way around the tourist zone.

The Baja California Map (or Baja Mexico Map) is of the Northern Baja Peninsula and is basically a scaled down road map. So this one is good to have if you are driving around the area.

Note : Looking at the Baja Mexico map through your web browser may be misleading as this map was meant to be printed out at 300 to 800 dots per inch . . . and not read through a computer screen. Zoom in though, and you will see that the detail is there and will be clearly visible when you print it out.

Click here for an Ensenada Map in printable Adobe PDF format (164k)

Please note that the compression settings may lead you to believe that your low resolution monitor is showing you street names that will not be readable when printed . . . However, if you zoom in, you will see that when printed out, this map of Ensenada Mexico will be as sharp as a razor.

Ensenada Map
Click here for a Northern Baja California / Baja Mexico Road Map in printable Adobe PDF format (100K) Baja Map

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