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Ensenada Restaurants

Ensenada Restaurants

Featured Restaurant :
Bronco's Steakhouse has been a favorite Ensenada restaurant since it opened in 1974. They serve mexican breakfast daily, and they have a saturday and sunday mexican breakfast buffet which is sure to hit the spot. Delicious mezquite grilled US Choice steaks. Winner of many Salsa contests and contestant in the world chili contest in Las Vegas some years ago after winning a regional contest.

One will find that Ensenada Restaurants do include McDonalds, and half of the other fast food joints found in the United States.

So, rather than listing the same thing found everywhere . . . we took a walk around downtown Ensenada and found the following Restaurants. These, however, represent only a small sample of what you will find while you are wondering around downtown Ensenada.

Keep your eyes open while shopping, and take note of places that look like they have good food. The best clue as to how good the restaurant is will be how full of people it is . . . .

Victors Restaurant: Good food served in a Denny's style diner. The portions are large and the prices are very reasonable. Definitely one of the best places for the price in town. Blvd. Costero L. Cardenas #178 Phone: 176-13-13

Pueblo : They serve club sandwiches, salads, pizza, pastas, and Mexican food at moderate prices (about the same as in the US).Corner of Av. Ruiz & Lopez Mateos

El Charro: This place looks like a Mexican restaurant might have looked a hundred years ago. They make the tortillas and have an indoor Bar-B-Q style wood stove inside. Most of the dishes are between $5.00 USD and $8.00 USD. Definately one of the better values on Lopez Mateos. Lopez Mateos near Gastelum

Puerto Nuevo: Mostly seafood with some Mexican dishes. The price of lobster varies with the season, but it is currently $19.50 USD for the lobster plate. Corner of Lopez Mateos & Miramar

La Tortuga: Mexican plates start around $6.00 USD, steaks are from $11.00 USD, and seafood plates start at $7.50 USD.Corner of Lopez Mateos & Riveroll

Ta Kafe: The buffet here is only offered several times a week (durring lunch Wed., Thurs., & Sat.) but it is all you can eat for $3.00 USD, or if you buy drinks the buffet is free. If you see people on the balcony durring lunch time, the buffet is probably going on.Lopez Mateos & Riveroll inside the Plaza Blanca


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