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Huatulco Attractions

Huatulco Attractions

Let's start by going around 19 miles (30 kilometers) north to the Copalitilla Cascades. You will go from sea level to 1,300 ft. (394m) into the mountains and see water falls and cool off in calm clear pools. Getting there can be done by contacting Pancho Willy's at Colorin 608 in Crucecita (958-587-1930) or The more adventurous will find that the same area is also a popular horseback riding and rappelling area. Huatulco has plenty of ecotour operators, so ask your hotel for more information.

Horseback riding : Contact Rancho Caballo de Mar (958-587-0530 or 958-589-9387). They will pick you up from your hotel and take you on a morning or afternoon three and a half hour ride for around $50 USD.

Whitewater Kayaking : Check for availability. They run Class III and Class IV whitewater trips from September through mid November.

Scuba diving : There are 13 different dive sites off the coast, so if you are certified, or need to get certified, check with If you are new to diving . . . getting a night dive in is a must do experience.

Fishing : You can easily arrange sport fishing trips at the Santa Cruz Marina. It will run you around $90 USD for a three hour trip with a maximum of 4 people.

Bay Cruises : The Santa Cruz Marina is also the place to hire a boat to take you on a scenic tour of the coast.

Bike rentals : you can rent a bike in Bahia Tangolunda from Aqua Terra at Plaza las Conchas #6. Talk to the people at Aqua Terra for available bike tours of the mountains, beach or town.

Golf : Bahia Tangolunda has a challenging 18 hole golf course designed by Mario Schetjnan. Call 958-581-0059 or ask your hotel for more information.

Nearby trips :

Zipolite is a nude beach located an hour west along the coast. As for swimming, this is a no-no there. The undertow and rip tides are VERY strong and the most you can hope for is to get wet and go back to the beach to work on getting rid of those tan lines.

Puerto Escondido is a mecca for surfers. However, this is not a place to learn surfing. The pipe line here is second only to Diamond head in Hawaii (seasonal strength though) and they do hold professional surf competitions here. Located two hours west along the coast from Huatulco.

Oaxaca city is a real treat if you can make it (see our Oaxaca pages to find out why). However, Oaxaca city is not really close enough to go and return the same day. If you can spend a couple of days there, you will have the time to see the ruins of Monte Alban (impressive) and perhaps visit some of the nearby sights.


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