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Zipolite Mexico Nude Beach

Mexico Nude Beach

The largest attraction in Zipolite is the nude beach. The western end of the beach has been officially sanctioned as a Mexico nude beach. A rarity for Mexico which is a conservative country . . . but 90% of the tourists in Zipolite would be classed as Euro-hippies, and most of them still wear something on the beach.

For those who have never been to such a place, I think that your first clue is that these are not a bunch of sex crazed young people looking for a place to have some kind of raunchy experience. Most of them come from cultures where the human body is not seen as nasty or dirty. They just don't see it as a big deal. . . and as previously stated, the smaller percentage that does go nude are on the western side of the beach.

Before you start to draw a mental picture based on some island paradise movie, you should remember that Zipolite's beach has a darker side. Gawkers with and without cameras, killer rip tides, more drugs than the local pharmacy and the crime that is usually associated with people trying to feed the habit.

You may want to consider the nearby Mazunte beach just a few kilometers to the west. Sunning all of your assets is not allowed, but the beach is just as nice and the water won't kill you if you want to go for a swim :)

Yoga Center

If you've got tired of lying in your hammock, swimming and sunbathing it might well be time to join one of Brigitte's excellent yoga classes.
In an airy studio with wooden floor and sea view you'll get an expert treatment to loosen up those stiff muscles… You'll find Solstice - Yoga & Vacations at the East end of the beach, near the soccer field (la cancha) and the primary school (escuela primaria).
Solstice specializes in daily Hatha yoga classes, retreats and workshops.

Azul Profundo Tours

For those interested in really seeing what the Pacific Coast near Zipolite has to offer, Azul Profundo offers a cool way to escape the heat at the Mexico nude beach:

Four beaches and four hours out at sea. Along the way we see sea turtles and swim with them. If we are lucky, dolphins and whales visit us.
   We provide transportation to and from the dive shop and snorkel equipment.
   We pick up anyone interested in coming each morning between 9:00 and 9:45.

For more information, please call our local phone number 5843109 and ask for Francisco.


Mazunte is a small beach town just a few kilometers west of Zipolite. The beach cabanas, hammock joints, and restaurants are pretty much the same as Zipolite. The differences are that total nudity is not allowed on the beach (Topless on the beach is OK, but totall nudity is restricted to the sanctioned Mexico Nude Beach area in Zipolite), there are more police there, and the water is much safer for swimming.

Mazunte also has a turtle museum that is popular with tourists, so if you are in the area, you may want to check it out.

Playa Ventanilla

3 kilometers west of Mazunte you will find a company called "Servicios Ecoturistico La Ventanilla" which provides a one and a half hour tour by canoe to a lagoon where you will see hundreds of river crocodiles and water birds. $4.00 USD for adults & $1.75 USD for children. Be sure to ask about their horseback rides ($17 USD) & other trips.


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