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Zipolite Nightlife

Zipolite Nightlife

The La Puesta is the local disco/bar that anyone wanting to dance the night away will need to visit.

Most of the patrons seem to be locals from Pochutla, Puerto Angel, or Mazunte. And the DJ/owner does do a good job playing music to suit either the locals or tourists; mixing it up, or playing more of the music he feels the majority wants to hear. So you end up with a mix of reggae, salsa, or rock & roll. One finds that the tourists have a hard time dancing to traditional Mexican dance songs, and the locals have a hard time adjusting to the "just wing it" philosophy of dancing to Rock & Roll.You can't please all of the people all of the time.

The Disco/Bar is usually free. However, a cover charge is to be expected if a live band is playing.

The night La Puesta was reviewed, a Mexican Band known as Cuarto Blanco (White Room) was playing Euro/American favorites like The Eagles, and believe me when I tell you that these boys were playing some serious Rock. They had a great Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin), and no detectable Mexican Accent. They sounded like a good band you could have found playing in any town USA.

The cover charge the night they were playing was $20 Pesos, or $2.00 USD.

The rest of Zipolite's nightlife is spread out among the many Restaurant/Bars which cover the area. Our Zipolite map page has a detailed map of the western part of town.


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